Safeguards Consulting Supports Infragard

Infragard, a public-private outreach by the U.S. FBI, is a great platform for information sharing and education to address the ever-changing threat environment. Safeguards Consulting is proud to have supported the South Carolina Infragard group (SCIMA) with a drone presentation on September 20th, 2018 at the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. Learn more about Infragard and the event with the following links:

2018 ASIS GSX Presentations by Mark Schreiber

Safeguards Consulting is proud to share that our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, will be providing several educational presentations at the annual ASIS Conference, now called the Global Security Exchange (GSX), in Las Vegas the week of September 24th. Mark Schreiber is honored to have two educational sessions selected by the ASIS selection process, in addition to having been personally invited to speak at three sessions throughout the new floor presentations stages. Please use the following links to learn about each presentation, and let us know if any more information is needed:

Monday (Sep. 24) 2:15pm-3:30pm PT "How to Adapt Your Security Posture to the Infusion of Drones" Location: N209-210-211-212

Tuesday (Sep. 25) 10:30am-11:00am PT "Drones 101" Location: D3 Xperience

Tuesday (Sep. 25) 11:30am-12:00pm PT "CPTED Examples: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Location: Xperience Stage

Tuesday (Sep. 25) 3:00pm-3:30pm PT "Intelligent Systems and Solutions" (Panel) Location: X Stage

Wednesday (Sep. 26) 11:00am-12:15pm PT "How to Conduct a CPTED Facility Site Survey" Location: N238-240

SecurityXchange Supported by Mark Schreiber

Safeguards Consulting’s Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, supported the 2018 SecurityXchange event in Utah. During the week of August 13th, Mark Schreiber helped facilitate two ‘KnowledgeXchange’ sessions at the event; one focused on Critical Infrastructure (Process, Manufacturing, Utilities, etc.) and one focused on Cyber Security. Due to his background with Critical Infrastructure and leadership in the industry, Mark led the group in challenging discussions to find ideas and solutions for their respective organizations. Look for future events on the SecuirtyXchange website:

Safeguards Consulting Supports EPRI Research

Safeguards Consulting is proud and honored to be supporting the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) with the current research and testing projects for Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) technologies.  With Safeguards Consulting as an advisor on the CUAS Market and Security Integrations, EPRI is undergoing testing of multiple CUAS solutions on the market to determine their operational capability for power utility applications.  Please feel free to reach out to Safeguards Consulting if you are planning to implement CUAS at your facilities.

ASIS Facility Security Design Program in Chicago

Mark Schreiber of Safeguards Consulting again delivered the 'Facility Security Design' workshop for ASIS International as part of their Security Architecture and Engineering Council in Chicago from July 9th-11th.  The program was another great success building on the legacy of the Council's past efforts.  Students even gave high marks to the ASIS Leadership, which was greatly appreciated.  Look for another FSD program in 2019 and plan early to continue your education and be effective with construction projects and security design.

Risk Assessment Education Supported by Mark Schreiber

During the week of May 7th, Mark Schreiber helped deliver the ASIS Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessment classroom program in Providence, Rhode Island.  The program focused on all factors of a formal security risk assessment program for commercial organizations.  Mark Schreiber covered several sessions to provide experience on the practical applications of risk assessments and the implementation of assessment decisions into security improvement projects.


Catch Us At the Large Drone Conference, AUVSI XPONENTIAL!

We are pleased to share that our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, has been asked to speak at the 2018 AUVSI XPONENTIAL Conference in Denver, Colorado.  Mark will educate the audience of UAS/Drone Companies and Pilots on the role of UAS in the Security Industry, informing them of corporate security operations and the practical value and challenges of Drone and Counter-Drone technologies.  Mark will also introduce the value of ASIS International.  Learn more about the presentation panel on the AUVSI Website:

Attend the ASIS Webinar on UAS Supported by Safeguards Consulting

We at Safeguards Consulting are excited to be support the April 25th ASIS International Webinar titled "Drones and Security" delivered by our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber:

Please share with all security professionals that may be interested, and let us know if you have drone security questions that we can answer.

Mark Schreiber's ISC West Presentation Highlighted as 'Can't Miss' by SS&I

Safeguards Consulting is proud to highlight that our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, gave a presentation at the 2018 ISC West Conference on 'Drone Use and Defense by Security Organizations', which was identified as a "Can't Miss Presentation" by Security Sales & Integration trade publication:

We greatly appreciate the recognition and thank the many professionals who attended the presentation in Las Vegas.

Mark Schreiber to speak at IAHSS Annual Conference

Our submission to support the IAHSS Annual Conference was approved, and Mark Schreiber will be speaking on April 17th during this major conference for Healthcare Security Professionals.  Mark will be covering Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design with his presentation "Practical CPTED Applications in a Healthcare Environment".  The full conference program, including Mark's presentation, can be downloaded at the IAHSS website:

Safeguards Consulting Presents at ISC West 2018!

We are proud to share that our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, presented two separate UAS presentations at ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas.

Our presentation titled 'Drone Use and Defense by Security Organizations' was accepted by SIA for the educational sessions on April 10th, 2018.  The session focused on a risk-based approach to UAS applications, whether as a security asset to address known risks, or where a Drone is the risk itself to be mitigated.

Our introductory UAS presentation titled 'Drones: Friends or Foes' was also requested to be given at the Unmanned Security Expo to kickoff the series of UAS/UGV presentations in this section of the conference.  The session covered the basic UAS technologies, legal limitations, and the security applications of UAS; whether as security tool or as a threat to be countered.

Many thanks go out to our partners, the UAS Coalition and Under the Sun Imaging for developing and delivering these presentations with Safeguards Consulting.  Please feel free to contact us for more information on UAS and Counter-UAS technologies.

School Security Presentation Using Professional Design Methods

Safeguards Consulting was proud to support the ever important quest for improved school security by supporting a large school district with a presentation on 'Designing Physical Security into a School Facility'.  On March 21st, 2018, Mark Schreiber delivered a closed presentation to the school district outlining the principles of risk mitigation and CPTED methodologies to the school district through the practical application of physical security technologies and commercial design methods.

InfoSec Education Support for ASIS APC1 Program

Our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, had the honor of instructing security professionals on the subject of Information Security for the ASIS International 'Assets Protection Course I' (APC1).  The educational program took place in Orlando, Florida, USA over the week of March 12th, 2018.  Mark introduced the attendees to the key roles of a commercial Information Security team, similarities of their operations to traditional/physical security teams, and the benefits of a converged security department.  Please feel free to contact Safeguards Consulting to learn of the successes we have identified through a converged security organization.

NACSA South Carolina Presentation

On February 16th, 2018, Mark Schreiber delivered a presentation entitled "Physical Security Innovations & Promising Technologies for Campus Safety" to the South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators (NACSA).  As a proud supporter of campus safety, we are happy to help their members increase their knowledge and protection of their campuses and students.

Learn more about NACSA at their website:

2018 ASIS Volunteer Leadership Support

Safeguards Consulting is proud to support ASIS International through the volunteer work of our staff.  Our staff member, Mark Schreiber, will serve again as an ASIS Council Vice President in 2018, and he attended the ASIS Volunteer Leadership Meetings in Washington DC the week of January 15th to support the advancement of the security industry and the roles that security technology subject matter experts (physical and cyber) will support to ASIS Membership.  Please consider helping other professionals through your volunteer efforts so we can best protect all the organizations we support.

Mark Schreiber Supports ASIS Risk Assessment Program in New Orleans

Our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, supported ASIS International as a speaker for the Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment program in New Orleans on November 6-8, 2017.  Mark assisted by educating the professionals in attendance on the nuances of risk assessments, managing a risk assessment program, applying CPTED mitigation strategies to reduce risk, and the advent of Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM).  Mark appreciates the work of Kelly Stewart and Amy Poole to make this program a success.

Julie Valentine Center Charity Support Through ASIS

Safeguards Consulting is proud to share that they volunteered to support the ASIS International Western South Carolina Chapter Charity Golf Tournament on October 27th, 2017, which supported the Julie Valentine Center (@JVCGreenville).  Safeguards Consulting is proud to be affiliated with JVC and their incredible "mission to end the cycle of sexual assault and child abuse".  Please consider supporting their efforts:


CONSULT 2017 Support

Safeguards Consulting is proud to share that they supported the inaugural CONSULT conference in late 2017, which was a resounding success for a new conference.

Our Principal Consultant, Mark Schreiber, was a listed speaker for the following sessions:

- Security Technology Directions – Consultant Perspective (Panel)

- Drone – Friends or Foes of the Security Industry?

- Case Study: Dealing with the Drone Threat at Sports Stadiums (hypothetical)