A Professional Technology Consulting Firm with Complete Integrity

Safeguards Consulting is an independent company and is not affiliated with any manufacturer or installation contractor. We are completely manufacturer and vendor agnostic. We do not accept fees, commissions or other payments from any individual or organization that manufactures, supplies, or distributes technology equipment or services. Nor do we benefit from the volume of equipment purchased by our clients.  This supports our integrity mission of being the trusted advisor to our clients.  We perform unbiased evaluations of all technology solutions for all of our clients. Advice provided to our clients is based on performance, technical data, and historical information, and it is never constrained by a relationship with a third party.

Safeguards Consulting will adhere to the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Safeguards Consulting follows the Codes of Professional Responsibility as stated by ASIS International. Client information will be held with the highest level of confidentiality as possible. All information collected will be used only for stated purposes and secured.