The Building Systems and Technology Experience You Need

Safeguards Consulting can provide resources with decades of experience in many building technologies to meet your needs. The professionals on the Safeguards Consulting team have a broad base of experience in technology design and implementations in a large number of facilities throughout the world. We can support any Building System and Technology needed by your facility. Our core competency is with Physical Security Systems, but if you let us know your consulting and/or design needs, we can propose our solutions to achieve your desired results.

Principal Consultant

Mark Schreiber’s career has spanned over 15 years in design and consulting roles within the engineering and construction industry. For the majority of this time, he has directly been responsible for the complete design of large enterprise physical security systems from conception to design completion and oversight. Mark Schreiber has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He also has multiple training certifications for a variety of systems and equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

He has extensive experience in physical security system design and engineering, involving all aspects of physical security systems. This involves, but is not limited to system integration, access control, video surveillance (CCTV), intrusion detection (PIDAS), security/emergency communications, visitor management, asset tracking/management, network design, etc.

Mark Schreiber also has experience in the design of building automation/management systems (HVAC Controls), Fire Alarm systems, Communications systems, and Information Transport Systems/Structured Cabling.

Experience working on projects in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • China
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia


Mark Schreiber of Safeguards Consulting is a member of ASIS International and a Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) as administered and certified by ASIS International.

Throughout the world, the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) designation is acknowledged as the security profession's highest recognition of practitioners. It is evidence that an individual is "Board Certified in Security Management." The CPP® is awarded based upon experience, education, and of an examination that provides an objective measure of an individual's broad-based knowledge and competency in security management. Ongoing professional development is required in order to maintain the credential. The CPP® is administered by ASIS International, the preeminent international organization for security professionals, with more than 35,000 members worldwide.  Mark Schreiber is highly active in his support for ASIS on both an international and local level.

ASIS International’s website:

Mark Schreiber of Safeguards Consulting has also been trained as an Advanced CPTED Specialist by the National Institute of Crime Prevention, Inc. (NICP). Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED, is based on the premise that "The proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear of crime and incidence of crime, and to an improvement in quality of life." CPTED strategies are ideal for Architects and Security Consultants involved in designing neighborhoods, schools, downtowns, buildings, or revitalization efforts. It is an effective way of fighting crime and promoting business.

NICP’s website:

Mark Schreiber of Safeguards Consulting has been screened and is a member in good standing of the FBI’s Infragard Program. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector. InfraGard is an association of businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States. InfraGard is an organization dedicated to the protection of the United States and the American people. In order to maintain a level of trust within the membership, all applicants undergo a background check performed by the FBI (for this reason InfraGard membership is currently limited to United States citizens). Applications are then screened according to a defined criteria and then passed to the local chapter for final acceptance (individual chapters may have more strict criteria).

FBI’s Infragard website:

The SAFETY Act Designation gives ASIS board-certified professionals, their employers, and their customers immediate protection from lawsuits involving ASIS certification and the ASIS certification process that arise out of an act of terrorism. Not only does it limit the types of liability claims that can be brought against a certificant, but it also entitles the certificant to immediate dismissal of those specific types of claims. Employers of ASIS certified practitioners also gain protection against terror-related liability claims that can include a presumption of dismissal from a lawsuit.

SAFETY Act website: