Mark Schreiber performing training at the ASIS Physical Security: Introductory Applications and Technology course in Tampa!

During the week of February 24th, Mark Schreiber will be assisting the ASIS Physical Security Council with their training course in Tampa entitled “Physical Security: Introductory Applications and Technology”.  Mark will cover the key aspects of data transport and networking infrastructure related to security systems.  He will cover equipment location design aspects, codes and standards, infrastructure components, and data transport mediums.   Wireless communications will be discussed, including terrestrial microwave, MIMO, mesh, and satellite technologies.  Wired communications will be discussed, including coaxial cabling, twisted-pair copper cabling, and fiber optic cabling.  Critical design considerations will be discussed, including hazardous locations, cable bend limitations, retrofit solutions, power-over-ethernet (POE), network architecture, converged infrastructure, documentation, spare capacity, mission critical systems, equipment/system redundancy, demarcation of responsibilities, project controls, and the key roles of the security system design team.  More information can be found on the ASIS website: